SITEL is renowned for having the best on time dispatching of its highly trained and qualified engineers to any location within Central Europe and the Balkans, thanks to our dense and growing network of certified and qualified engineers. SITEL’s FLM service provides a comprehensive and flexible solution for monitoring, maintenance and other necessary action needed to keep your network safe from any long outages that may be costly to your business.

FLM on optical fiber networks:

  • Investigation and diagnosis through means of product internal testing
  • Replace or change optical fibers
  • Record optical power measurements from optical fibers and cards
  • On site repair of failures


FLM on active equipment (DWDM, SDH, IP):

  • Secure warehousing and managing of spare parts
  • Logistics management of spare parts
  • Replacement of defective parts
  • Replacement of consumable parts (cables, fuses, fibers)
  • Optical cable measurements
  • Collection of outage messages