Our Remote Hands and Eyes Service secures that your company will receive dependable and fast engineering and operational support on your equipment located at any data center within our reach. This service offers our customers installation and maintenance on customer’s equipment – controlled by the customer remotely via the SITEL HELP DESK.

Through this service your company will be able increase its cost-effectiveness and decrease that downtime of network, as our engineers are highly qualified and are more familiar with the premises and sites, therefore they will be able to give you better and more cost effective solutions.

The following services are included in this scope:

  • Regular check of POP site and customer leased premises
  • Check equipment, identify fault condition
  • Equipment restart
  • Disconnect/Connect fibers, clean fiber pigtails
  • Provide TX/RX optical power measurements
  • Remove/ put-in/ replace cards in equipment
  • Replace/ install patch cables


Customer Provisioning Service:

  • Respond to all SDH and Wavelengths Service Provisioning Work Requests to ensure timely installation for customers
  • Initiate and send Work Orders to the relevant teams at the field level
  • Execute Work orders in compliance with Performance Measure No. 8, in order to implement path on the field and test from i-21 ODF.
  • Customer premises interventions can be performed as an additional service
  • Notify customer if provisioning failure exists or occurs
  • Provide test results, report reference upon completion


Installation and Commissioning Service:

  • Receiving goods
  • Planned installations globally
  • Installation of infrastructure
  • Installation of cabinets
  • Installation of AC or DC power
  • Unpacking and rating of device
  • All installation and testing of fiber cabling
  • Power up and hardware diagnostics
  • Commissioning with your technicians if needed
  • Labeling of cables according to SITEL engineers, unless specified otherwise
  • Provision of installation reports